Power Blinds: How To Maintain Them Over The Winter

Completing your luxury garden room, conservatory, or orangery with high-quality finishings such as external power blinds produced at The Outside-Inside comes fully recommended.

Controlled via a remote control or an app, we supply luxury power blinds suited for both internal and external use. This added layering offers additional comfort and dependability to your glazed extension so that the space can easily adapt to any season.

Further shading for both internal and external use can protect your annex against an onslaught of rain, sunlight, and harsh winds if looked after properly. Fortunately, their care and maintenance is very simple and there is nothing stopping you from enjoying your glazed extension all year round.

Leaving Blinds Up Or Down Over The Winter

A common query concerned with power blinds lies in whether or not residents should leave them up or down over the winter. While some may assume that keeping them closed for long periods of time may encourage early wear, there are in fact several clever benefits to leaving blinds down over the winter.

The most striking advantage of doing this is of course the huge levels of heat retention closed blinds can bring to your glazed extension. It is arguably more sustainable, as leaving your power blinds down helps maintain a warm and cosy conservatory, orangery or garden studio throughout the winter. In turn, this prevents damp and mould growth inside your annex.

Typical Cleaning

Usually, power blinds aren't furnishings that get especially dirty. A mere light brushing of your blinds and shutters is a perfectly adequate means of keeping them clean.

A relatively regular gentle brush is enough to remove any dust and debris that may find its way onto your blinds. This way prevents any damage that might be caused by rigorous scrubbing motions or harsh chemicals you may be tempted to use.

A weekly or even monthly brush will ensure your remote controlled blinds remain functional for as long as possible. The modern, sleek design of all our blinds means that, with minimal cleaning duties, your conservatory or orangery will always look lavish.

Intensive Cleaning

Although a deep clean is sometimes necessary, you generally want to avoid harsh water pressures or electric brushes.The best practice undoubtedly lies in being attentive and wiping away any spillages as soon as possible. By doing so, there won’t be the need to enforce all that much pressure in order to clean.

Warm water and a very small amount of mild detergent can be used for a more thorough cleaning. After you’ve done this, leave your blinds all the way down whilst it dries. This allows them to dry evenly and precludes unpleasant smells or mould from appearing.

Some of the blinds produced by The Outside-Inside are built with sidetracks that allow the blinds to run tightly along them. Over time, these can also attract dust and dirt. Once again, a quick, gentle brush of these features around every month or so can result in a smoother track for your blinds and increase its easy use and longevity.

Products To Avoid

For the most part, we’d recommend avoiding solvents, harsh detergents, and other cleansing fluids. These products threaten the strength of the blind’s material and may even bleach the colour.

Wind And Rain

A common concern for outdoor power blinds is how to prevent them from damage by the elements, such as blowing in the wind.

However, padding can immediately solve this and is easily assembled to the sidetrack of your blinds. This halts any snapping movements that might be caused by harsh winds, defending your blinds and garden room from the elements and helping them last longer.

If you’re interested in only the best for your glazed extension, The Outside-Inside offers motorised and remote-controlled blinds that rid you of any concerns over rogue blinds in the wind. These electric blinds can offer you greater control, even being able to automatically roll up during windy times of the day and back down during hot and still spells. This can also defend your blinds against bitter rain.

Your outdoor blinds can certainly withstand the rain, if only to an extent. Here at The Outside-Inside, our blinds are produced with high-quality water-resistant materials. However, there are steps to take to ensure these features retain their utmost durability, for example, keeping your blinds down to dry after heavy rain prevents mould growth and the weakening of the material.


The need for repairs is uncommon when outdoor blinds and shutters are treated carefully.

However, on the rare occasion that something breaks or tears, there are specialist teams like the one here at The Outside-Inside that can offer the best solutions.

Considering how much more affordable a garden room is compared to traditional home extensions, attending to repairs is typically cost-effective. A well-maintained and high-quality outbuilding adds outstanding value to your home as a unique, multi-purpose space that can be used all year long.

Luxury Outdoor Blinds With The Outside Inside

The designs at The Outside-Inside are pioneering examples demonstrating the potential of external blinds and shading. Meticulously constructed to embrace natural light when asked and block glaring rays and UV when asked. They bring privacy, protection, and beautiful aesthetic appeal, blending art and practicality.

The team at The Outside-Inside is host to an abundance of specialist knowledge here to help you build the extension of your dreams. Whether it's advice on prices, the design process, or seasonal maintenance, they are readily available to help.

We understand that an orangery, garden studio or extension is an excellent investment in your home and yourself and welcome you to be as involved in the design process as much as you wish. If you are in the early stages of this process, or just want to be curious, visit our exemplary showroom on display in Solihull, Birmingham. This bespoke exhibition spans across 3,000 square foot and shows off the best of our creations. Contact The Outside-Inside today.