Retractable Glass Roofs

Our retractable glass roof ceilings are strong and durable aluminium systems. These enclosures protect from adverse weather conditions while creating new spaces.

Thanks to their motorized trailing panel system, they allow gradual ventilation of the covered space - the opening panels can be adjusted as desired. It is a non-seasonal system, ensuring its use all year round, and its efficiency and versatility make it the perfect product for any outdoor space.

With our retractable glass roofs you will be able to create more useable space and enjoy your outdoor views throughout the year without carrying out works of any kind and with top quality finishes and durability.

The retractable roof system can be transformed into a fully protected area by incorporating our range of side wall solutions - these can be aluminium walls, remote controlled fabric walls or our glass sliding walls.

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The roof panels rests on elegant and discreet aluminium columns (with no obtrusive joints) and are fitted to your existing wall.

The fully motorised retractable roof also means you do not lose any vital sunlight to your home.

The glass panels are remote controlled, which means you can open the roof to enjoy the sun on your patio by just lifting your finger.

Patio covers and Outdoor living spaces

Our retractable roofs are designed to be installed directly to the main house making it a perfect extension to the inside of your home.

The models we have allow for either tension fabric vertical blinds to enclose the space or we can also install glass sliding doors or aluminium walling solutions to make a completely water tight and useable area.

With a push of a button the roof retracts allowing the space you have created for dining, hot tub or general entertaining space to be fully open and enjoy the sunshine.

Make the most of your space

Our retractable glass roofs can create valuable extra usable space at your home or workplace. Whether you want a panoramic space for relaxing or dining at home or extra weather shielded tables at your restaurant/bar, here at The Oi we have a solution for you.

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