Veranda - Glass Room

Elevate your outdoor space with a luxury veranda. Designed to withstand the elements and bring the outdoors, in. Perfect for country homes with rolling gardens, newly renovated Victorian and Edwardian houses and modernised new builds, glass or metal veranda paired with a retractable roof and walls adds extra space to your home, ideal for parties and large gatherings, all year round.

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For the sides of the structure we have the option to enclose with glass sliding walls or aluminum wall sections.


Transform your garden with our bespoke Glass room / Veranda into a premium cooking, living and entertaining space to enjoy with friends and family, whatever the weather.

Protect yourself from the wind, rain, cold and sun whilst enjoying the outdoors and adding value to your home.

Our glass veranda design allows the canopies to be linked together for larger coverings as well as multiple construction methods, including, freestanding, fitted to an outside wall, recessed or integrated between two walls.

The glass roof and metal veranda is made from high-end aluminium with a steel reinforced gutter profile.

That makes it possible to have this veranda with safety glass roofing installed. This glass roofing allows natural light to flood the room, so that you can get perfect sky views and enjoy the trees, birds or stars from under your veranda, giving it a sense of enrichment and pure luxury.


Why not tailor your luxury glass veranda with our range of accessories and features to suit your needs? Our Fiano glass sliding walls or fixed aluminium walls means you can create a unique space and protect yourself in all weather conditions.

We also offer optional LED lights (in a variety of colours), infrared heating, Bluetooth speakers and retractable screens that allow you to take your outdoor space to the next level.


With The-Oi you can turn your unused patio area easily into a luxury garden room allowing you to enjoy your garden all year long.

It allows you to create a new place in your home where the indoor and outdoors are merged.

Our glass sliding walls can be used in conjuction with any of our structures to make a useable all year round room, the panels come in various heights and widths.

Even in bad weather the glass sliding walls will offer you protection from the elements - especially when you add one of our Infrared heaters to give an eco-friendly direct heat source to you and your loved ones.

Our glass sliding walls can also be used to enclose balconies to give apartments that much needed additional space.

All the products come with various accessories from handles, locks and draught excluders. All of which can be discussed direct in our brand new showroom.

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