External Blinds

Embrace natural light and block glaring reflections with our premium external blinds. Give your home an extra level of privacy with a modern twist.

Our remote-controlled external roller blinds regulate heat from the sun and reduce UV and glare, whilst looking sleek and stylish. Ensure your home is comfortable all year round.

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Outdoor Blinds and Privacy Shades

Architectural solar shading: added aesthetic value and practical benefits
Architectural solar protection offers you a double advantage: it provides control over the incidence of direct light and has a strong aesthetic appeal. Architectural solar protection is structurally integrated into the exterior of your home so that both the design effect and the efficiency are timeless – regardless of the season, temperatures or (lack of) sunshine. In short: the perfect trump card for your external facade!

Various versions
At the OI we offer the following solutions –
External roller blinds
External roller blinds to make the most of the sun
The sun not only provides natural warmth in the home, sunlight also contributes to a better sense of wellbeing. However, when the sunlight shines too brightly in the home The-Oi can provide a solution with our external roller blinds.

External Blinds

These will help you enjoy your home all year round whilst still viewing the outside view
As a pioneer of solar shading fabrics, our tension zipped blinds has years of proven durability and quality.

The patented guide system and the zipper principle ensures extreme wind resistance, guaranteed for wind gusts of up to 80 mph.

Thanks to this unique system, the fabric always remains taut in the guides. With the screens closed, you also have the added benefit of discouraging annoying insects.

Due to the various mounting systems available,tension zipped fabric blinds are suitable for both new constructions and renovations.

Dimensions up to 6.2 m wide or 6 m high, with a maximum area of 22 m² are available.

Control the required amount of sun and heat your home requires with a push of a button.

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