Wall cladding

Give your home, garden, or business a clear and stylish look thanks to the Renson façade elements. Design, durability, and quality are three aspects that occur in all façade elements.

The cladding for your outside wall can be completely invisible; screws or fixation elements are nowhere to be seen, even on curved façades. Your interior can also be clad in the same way with the façade elements of your choice.

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Choose the horizontal Linius or the vertical Linarte cladding and use it to clad your façade, garage door, doors, etc. Your doorbell or letter box can also be perfectly integrated into these façade elements.

Or are you looking for façade elements that serve both as sun screens and privacy screens? Then go for our Loggia sliding panels.

Linius Wall Cladding ( Horizontal )

A sleek and multi-purpose result

Linius is not only the right product for the (maintenance-friendly) cladding design of your facade: the profiles are also perfect for accentuating interior walls or for finishing doors, up-and-over garage doors and sectional doors that blend together and are invisible in the overall image of the facade.

With Linius you are certain of one thing: with Linius you get a horizontal facade cladding that meets your taste in every respect. The icing on the cake: the sleek design is completely finished as the fastening of the profiles is completely and invisibly concealed.

For horizontal facade cladding, opt for the specialists: Renson has the experience, the products and service to make your new construction or renovation project a success. Did you know, for those who prefer a vertical cladding design, we have a second prestigious line in facade cladding with Linarte? Feel free to contact us for more information or to select the right material with one of our Ambassadors.

Linarte ( Vertical Cladding system )

An exciting new product from our partner RENSON.

Linarte guarantees durability, colourfastness and ease of maintenance. But of course, in the first instance, you want a facade that exudes your taste and personality.

This is perfectly possible: simply choose between two profiles – Linarte Even or Linarte Block – and determine the RAL colour. The Block slats are also available in two depths (16 mm and 33 mm) giving you even more combination options. Finally, strips of wood or LEDs can be incorporated into both the 33 mm deep Block and Even profiles. Whether you want a classic, modern or contemporary result, Renson Linarte will guarantee the ‘facade

Wall cladding crowns your home – both inside and out. Giving you more time to focus on quality and sustainability.

In addition, the profiles are mounted invisibly and with the highest efficiency via clips on an underlying horizontal support structure. This not only prevents distortion due to thermal expansion but also allows the profiles to be used as a finish for curved walls.

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