A pergola is a semi-permanent structure and can be tailored to fit your needs exactly. Pergolas can be standalone, supported between two buildings or fixed to an existing wall or structure. What makes them ideal for homeowners looking to add luxury to their space and make the most of their gardens and patios is their versatility.

Pergolas come in a range of styles and types to blend indoor and outdoor spaces seamlessly for entertaining, living, dining and relaxing. Choose from modern metallic finishes or natural wood for the frame, and glass, canvas or a mix of the two for roofing, making it possible to suit any style of house or garden.

Retractable Pergola Roof Systems

Give your outside space full coverage with The OI’s range of fully retractable roof systems for pergolas and patios, offered in :-

Retractable Glass

Retractable Fabric

Retractable Louvred aluminium

Designed to withstand the elements and cope with the UK’s ever-changing weather, our retractable roof covers will cover the top and sides of your pergola or veranda so that you can use your outdoor structure all year round. 

Louvered Roof Pergola

The Renson Camargue is an innovative patio covering, featuring the latest and most advanced technology.

Equipped with a motorised louvered roof system, the blades can be rotated up to 150° at the touch of a button. With optional extras that include retractable, integrated Fixscreens®, glass sliding walls, Loggia® sliding panels or a combination of all.

A Renson Canopy really is an all-year-round covering.

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