Every year Brits are eager to savour the joys of the summer sun, and outdoor dining is a major part of the fun. But the disappointment in rolling out the outdoor bbq set to see it rusted away during the winter months is all too familiar.

By upgrading your setup to a bespoke, specially designed outdoor kitchen area, you can incorporate robust shading solutions, quality materials, and purpose-built outdoor kitchen units that will protect your beloved garden dining space.

Your options are limitless and with the help of professionals in the industry, such as us here at The-OI, together we can design and construct a garden cooking facility as simple or elaborate as you like.

Our skilled team has decades of experience in plotting and installing luxury pergolas, canopies, roof extensions, and other sheltering structures.So don't let the unpredictability of British weather deter you from realising your dream garden. Not only do our shading solutions provide additional warmth, and comfort, and help preserve the contents of your garden facility, but they also offer a kind of visual splendour that can elevate the whole garden.

Visit our Solihull showroom for covered outdoor kitchen ideas. Each of our designs is expert-led, but still we want you to be involved in every step of the process so that the unique final product is a true realisation of your wishes.

What are the risks?

An unprotected outdoor kitchen is ultimately one that is constantly exposed to the elements, chiefly sun, rain, wind, humidity, and snow. This can drive rust and corrosion on metal surfaces, and warping and cracking of wooden ones.

Additionally, sustained exposure to UV rays will eventually lead to fading along surfaces and finishes. Hence, it’s important to take reasonable steps to thwart the impact of leaving an outdoor kitchen vulnerable to weather. And here are some astute design features that protect and preserve the function and aesthetics of your outdoor kitchen.

How to waterproof an outdoor kitchen

These easy waterproofing additions to your outdoor kitchen will promise longevity so that you can enjoy summer dining in your garden not just for years but for decades.


The most efficient line of defence against the elements is to protect your outdoor kitchen with an overhead shelter, these can include a traditional roof extension, or easy-up gazebo, or a purpose-built pergola.

A pergola shade is a particular customer favourite, as they make prime patio cover-ups and do wonders to expand the usability of your garden. Pergolas also have so much potential to accessorise and get creative with. Incorporating personal touches, such as adding climbing plants provide extra shelter for your outdoor kitchen and offers this incredible visual blend of the outdoors and the indoors coming together.


By nature of an outdoor kitchen, even when appropriate overhead shelters are erected, it will still likely be open to the elements in some capacity. This means that your appliances must be designed to withstand all weather. But to allow yourself a wider range of choice in this matter, look to portable pieces. Lightweight, reasonably sized equipment will be effortless to manoeuvre inside and outside depending upon use and the weather.


Stainless steel is a notoriously robust material known for being able to endure lengthy exposure to extreme temperatures making it a perfect candidate for your outdoor kitchen units. It also contains anti-bacterial characteristics that make it the perfect surface for preparing food with much less risk of contamination. Moreover, crucial to its outdoor setting, stainless steel is easy to keep clean. A simple sweep with mild soap and water will eradicate build-ups of debris in any nook and cranny.


The issue of ventilation is usually not something to be too concerned about with an outdoor kitchen where there's plenty of open air for smoke, steam, and heat to escape. However, the more exorbitant the shading structure becomes, the more a semi-enclosed space might benefit from proper ventilation. Outdoor BBQ kitchens will likely host burning charcoal, and outdoor pizza ovens will generate considerable heat and smoke. With potential fire hazards due to wooden structures and surrounding greenery, it's important to install outdoor vent hoods to accompany any grills and barbecues. These hoods are more potent than interior hoods and will be able to divert smoke, heat, steam, grease, and food odours more effectively to create a safer, more pleasant dining experience.


Gifting yourself and your family a quality outdoor cooking and dining space that will last decades means you’re going to want the skills and advice of a trusted voice in the industry. The-Oi is a specialist in home improvement projects with years of experience supplying and installing luxury outdoor living solutions, from small-scale shading to premium garden studio rooms. Whether you have a simple question or are ready to begin designing your dream home renovation, contact us today for a free, easy, no-obligation discussion with one of our experts.