How to Keep Your Garden Room Warm During Winter

Families around the UK typically retreat into the warmth of their houses as the winter months inevitably come into fruition. Cooped up, they go nearly half the year without spending any real time in their gardens, losing access to this valuable additional private space.

But this doesn’t have to be the case. Having your own garden room is an excellent gift for you and your family that allows you to savour the use of your backyard all year round.

Acting like a separate sanctuary, a garden room is a great way to enjoy your garden all year round and can keep you warm through a variety of heating options. There’s no need to develop cabin fever inside your homes this year, stay cosy and comfortable in your garden haven.

Are garden rooms warm during the winter?

As a fully enclosed building, yes your garden room is perfectly capable of remaining warm throughout the winter. The Outside-Inside construct their garden rooms with warmth as a priority. All of their outbuildings are meticulously designed for utmost durability, so that their products can be enjoyed by families as permanent and beloved extensions of their homes through all seasons and weathers.

Crafted from the finest timber materials, The Outside-Inside ensures quality insulation throughout each garden room. You yourself have the opportunity to be involved in each step of the design process, where The Outside-Inside strives to accommodate all your personalisation requests. Together with our design team, you can explore the ambulance of hating methods and implement the one that best suits your unique needs and desires.

Heating a garden room

You may be wondering about the details on how to heat a garden room in the UK winter. Before you even consider additional heating options, it is important to note that The Outside-Inside specialise in only the most premium outdoor spaces that come with insulated cavities in its walls, ceilings and floors.

Fireplaces and radiators

On top of this, there are the more obvious and conventional additional heating systems you can choose from, from radiators to artificial fireplaces, all of which can be fit with ease. But many clients decide to delve into more characterful features to add to their garden rooms. Traditional log fires are a cherished favourite amongst these. They can add considerable value and desirability to your garden room if you ever wish to sell, but chiefly they bring an ambience and cosiness unbeaten by other forms of heating methods. Not to mention, log burners are capable of heating a small space exceptionally quickly.

Underfloor heating

You may also consider underfloor heating. Perhaps you intend to host little ones in your garden room and are wary of the safety concerns that come with a traditional log fire. Another unique option, underfloor heating frees up wall space to help achieve that contemporary look, and feels heavenly underfoot to offer you and your guests that crowning luxury. Any feline pets will also love this.

Infrared heating

You can also keep your garden room warm with infrared heating. This heat works by transferring the heating from the panel to the garden room. It also has power saving benefits, with a potential of saving as much as 50% in comparison with other heating systems.

Infrared heating is easy to install and does not modify the design of the garden room. It simply needs to be mounted on the wall and plug into a power socket.

Portable heaters

A small portable heater will certainly do the trick of keeping your garden room warm throughout the winter. It’s simple, budget friendly and efficient. Since garden rooms are typically of modest size and The Outside-Inside’s quality insulation means your garden room will heat up quickly and retain that heat.

The Outside-Inside offers supplementary furnishings that help keep your outbuilding warm. Their innovative external blinds make a huge difference in regulating heat from the sun and control UV and glare. Hence, it's also useful in summer heatwaves by increasing shade from the sun and discouraging insects from invading your luxury space.

Being remote-controlled and sleek and stylish in design, they are perfect for a contemporary, comfortable look. These internal blinds are also built to endure, their patented guide system and zipper principle means they are incredibly robust and promise to withstand winds of up to 80mph, protecting you from all the elements.

Winter garden room ideas

With its ability to stay warm, your garden room can be savoured throughout the winter. It can continue to be an extension of your living space for work and pleasure. Many decide to use their garden room like they would a conservatory, a place for downtime and relaxation that allows you to enjoy the view of your garden.

What makes a garden room better than a conservatory is that it is its own enclosed space, rather than being attached to your house where it inevitably lets heat escape your home.

A garden room can also function as a professional space, as more people choose to work from home as the nights get earlier and the weather colder. Having your own space to hold virtual meetings, workshop ideas, and escape the noise and distractions of the house a garden room can transform your productivity levels this winter.

Of course, with the winter season comes the Christmas period. Here, your garden room really comes into use by gifting you that all important additional space. It allows you to hide away secret presents, accommodate extra guests, and host all the mess and chaos of Christmas Day banquets and parties away from the house.

Winter garden rooms with The OI

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