As spring beckons and we start to peek out of winter hibernation, the thoughts of a hot, dreamy summer seem close enough to touch. For many hospitality businesses, particularly pubs, restaurants and cafes, the pressures of the past year mean that a bumper summer season is not just welcomed, but needed.

But how do you ensure that your dining areas are able to stand up to the unpredictable British weather? How do you keep customers safe and stay COVID-19 compliant?

Outdoor dining and seating areas are the answer.

Whether you already have an outside dining area or want to add a new area, it’s important to factor in that Britain’s weather is less than reliable. With more customers wanting to sit and eat outside, as well as your business needing to adhere to COVID-19 regulations, it’s doubly important to make sure your outdoor dining area is ready for summer 2021. Don’t let the British weather defeat your plans and extend the longevity of any outside seating with a pergola.

Unlike a marquee or tipi, a pergola is a semi-permanent structure. There are options to mount them to buildings and walls with retractable roofs and waterproof canvases, ideal for smaller patios. Or choose a full-span roof canopy that blends outside and inside for a seamless experience.

All options are designed to protect from wind and rain (as well as blistering heat should we be lucky enough!) and come with a range of extras such as lighting, heating and colour and frame finishes. Personalise your pergola to suit your business and customer needs exactly – as well as your budget.

As a semi-permanent structure, pergolas are sold, not rented. While this does mean an initial outlay of cash, the benefits over marquees and tipis mean they last longer, are more resistant to damage, and provide a definitive ROI for measurable results. You can check out our ROI calculators to see how quickly a pergola investment pays back and turns into profit for you.

With outdoor dining and seating areas likely to be in demand for several years, investing now means you can start making your money back straight away, and help customers feel safe and secure in your establishment. Enhance and improve existing outdoor seating to create a more comfortable environment. Huddling under a parasol as the wind and rain bluster around you isn’t the vibe your customers are after!

With the promise of summer and that first sip of a cold drink in a sunny pub garden tantalisingly close, businesses are keen to ensure people can come and enjoy their spaces whatever the weather while staying safe and compliant. Choosing a pergola structure or roof canopy are ideal options that support your restaurant or pub in any weather. Customers are likely to be determined to get out and enjoy themselves this year more than ever. Prepare and invest in a pergola so you can make that happen.