Garden Room Uses at Christmas

The Outside Inside specialises in crafting the modern equivalent of this style of luxury outbuilding and outdoor shading, in the form of high-quality garden rooms, verandas, pergolas, and more.

Sourced from the finest materials, The OI’s garden studios artfully blends both style and function to meet any desired purpose. The potential is bountiful, with contemporary garden rooms operating as possible home offices, personal gyms, workshops, sunrooms, playhouses, guest bedrooms, comfortable sitting rooms, and more.

A common misconception surrounding garden rooms and other forms of outdoor living is that they become impractical in the winter months. Rather, your garden room certainly can be used all year round. This is because The OI’s studios are expertly built with robust, durable insulation, offering you a reliable safe haven from the seasonal elements.

In fact, a well-insulated garden room may be especially useful throughout the Christmas season. By expanding your living space this way, there is the prime opportunity to accommodate the auxiliary hosting, dining, and storage needs that only magnify over the holidays, decluttering your own home in the meantime.

Christmas Dinner in your Garden Studio

For the most anticipated meal of the year, migrating your festive feast into your luxury garden room acts as the perfect Christmas gift for yourself. Not only will you amaze your guests with this unique, magical space, but the additional room will allow you to bring all the family and friends together comfortably, so you can spend quality time together with ease.The Outside Inside also practices installing high-quality outdoor shaded kitchen areas that can offer further space and convenience in preparing your Christmas banquet. An outdoor kitchen provides additional culinary workspace so that all the family can help out on that special day. Your outdoor kitchen can even be set right next to your garden room for utmost accessibility. From beautiful stone ovens, modern-style grills, and tranquil fire pits, explore our diverse options for outdoor kitchens.

Showcasing Christmas Decorations

Perhaps the most exciting thing you can do with your garden room in the build-up to Christmas is adorning it with festive decorations. Personalising your garden room can start from the very beginning of the design process. Down to the minute details, The Outside Inside can construct a garden room with every corner tailored to your desires.

Thinking ahead to Christmas, a traditional log burner installation may be the perfect festive feature. Not only is it a superbly effective heating system to protect you from the winter weather outside, but the smells of burning wood and soft warm glow of fire bring an intimate cosiness unmatched by modern alternatives.

There are a myriad of garden room decorating ideas to be taken advantage of around the holidays, one of the most important being lights! Adding fairy lights, lanterns, advent candles, and even a lit-up Christmas tree can be transformative for bringing that inviting, festive ambiance into your garden room.

Decorating a garden room certainly isn’t limited to lighting. You can incorporate Christmas wreaths, garlands, ribbons, bunting, and more. It’s also a chance to consider colours. Establish whether your own personal tastes better suit the classic Christmas shades of reds and golds, or perhaps the more contemporary look of shimmering silvers and blues. Use this to help search for those extra comfort items that will help keep you snug throughout December, such as plush cushions and thick throws. With a little attention, your garden room will feel like an enchanting escape to Santa’s grotto.

Premium Additional Sleeping Space

Another popular use of garden rooms over the Christmas period is as a guest bedroom. The additional space allows visiting relatives their own space to sleep, relax, and get ready in. This is particularly favourable for families with guests that have a longer period of stay over the holidays. The Outside Inside construct their garden studios with well-insulated timber walls, heat-saving doors and windows, and rain screen finishings. All this ensures comfort, warmth, security, and a quality night's sleep for your guests. The OI garden rooms can also be specially built with ensuites for that added luxury and elimination of tedious bathroom queues.

Games Room

Alternatively, transforming your garden studio into a games room this Christmas promises endless entertainment for your family and friends. Youngsters can test out their newly gifted gadgets there, or perhaps you’ll welcome the opposite and create a tech-free space. Retro board games can help bring together the generations and embrace the feelings of nostalgia that inherently come with the Christmas season. A shared space to get lively and creative will truly help make the most wonderful Christmas memories.

Not to mention, a separate garden room can happily host any potentially noisy presents, like a children’s drum set for example, safely away from everyone’s ears.

Private Cinema Room

Another picturesque vision of a luxury garden studio this winter time includes that of your own private cinema. Settling down with hot chocolates, tucked into blankets and oversized armchairs watching only the most quintessential Christmas movies is the ideal way to escape the chaos of the season and unwind with loved ones. Inquire into The Outside Inside to discuss construction options that best suit the theme of a home cinema and you could find yourself watching Home Alone on the wall-to-wall projector this Christmas.

Party Room

Perhaps you are entertaining a more grown-up audience this Christmas and are hoping to share festive celebrations by drinking until the early hours of the morning. The Outside Inside is experienced in fitting deluxe home bars both indoors and outdoors to meet your party needs. Hosting drinks in your garden room keeps the noise, chaos, and mess contained outside of the house no matter how merry things get.

Expert Hiding Spot

Beyond Christmas Day itself, a garden studio is just as useful in the weeks leading up to it. The Outside Inside provides you with a warm, practical, secluded spot to store secret gifts both big and small, wrap presents and write cards far away from prying eyes. A sanctuary from the havoc of the season, a garden room can easily act as your own personal Christmas workshop.

The Outside Inside

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