A luxury outdoor kitchen can take your outdoor space to the next level, giving you the opportunity to relish in the summer months.

Outdoor kitchens are great for encouraging quality family time, and are an impressive entertainment spot for your valued guests.

An outdoor kitchen requires minimal bureaucratic obligations. However, it is always best to consult with a specialist in the sphere of premium home improvement planning for the utmost confidence.

There are occasionally discrepancies, sometimes regional and sometimes concerning building type, that affect planning permission regulations. You can contact The-Oi for professional guidance and support in developing the perfect al fresco delight for your home.

One of our custom outdoor kitchens, crafted by experts with only the highest quality materials guarantees a beautiful dining experience all year round.

Reward your family with the gift of soaking up the sun in style this Summer, as well as a comfortable space to enjoy the brisk, fresh air of the colder months the UK will no doubt return to later in the year. To assist your brainstorming phase, here is some essential information to help set you on track for realising your dream garden dining space.

Does an outdoor kitchen require planning permission?

The simple answer is no, you will not be bombarded with emails and paperwork in order to construct an outdoor kitchen. These structures ought to fall safely under the 2.4m height and 30sqm restrictions that are standard in the UK.

Whether you’re considering a simple barbecue grill or an entire elaborate cabinex kitchen structure with a lavish garden bar, generously sized fire pit, multi-purpose oven, plumbing, and overhead covering, planning permission is not a legal requirement.

Outdoor kitchens for listed buildings and conservation areas

However, if your home is a listed building or situated within a conservation area, you may need planning permission in order to go ahead. Confirming directly with your local authorities is the most efficient way to corroborate the specific regulations regarding your listed home.

Existing outbuildings, garden walls, and other architectural quirks often accompany heritage properties. Because these grounds are considered to be of significant beauty or historical interest, any alterations need to be approved by the agency Historic England.

Homeowners of protected properties that transgress these rules can be made to restore and repair unauthorised changes, so you want to make sure you’re well aware of the relevant policies before building your luxury garden kitchen.

Do outdoor kitchens need to be covered?

The beauty of designing a bespoke garden kitchen from scratch is that you can determine every detail with purpose and precision. If you want your space to be as open plan as possible, there isn’t the need to have any overhead cover sheltering your work surfaces and equipment.

It’s important to note that this option makes expert design and construction all the more necessary. Investing in skilled craftsmanship and materials that are robust, waterproof, and easy to clean and maintain will ensure that your outdoor kitchen will be capable of withstanding the elements.

You can arrange for tailored advice suggesting which designs are the most suitable for your home, but generally, an open outdoor kitchen is made most durable when constructed with stainless steel (ideal for a sleek contemporary look) or stone (quintessential for a softer, more natural appearance).

Outdoor kitchens with overhead protection

Alternatively, if you’re attracted to a more embellished outdoor kitchen that features overhead protection, there are several options you can explore. A gazebo is a solid cover that offers substantial safeguarding for grills, cabinets, and all else.

A portable awning that can be easily rolled away is a smart solution for the unpredictable UK weather and your own changing preferences.

Pergolas are wooden panelled structures that provide additional shelter and warmth; both of these benefits can be further enhanced by decorating your pergola with plants and climbing vines.

In terms of aesthetics, this has an undeniable aggrandising effect on your outdoor kitchen. It’s a wonderful opportunity to weave in little personal touches, such as unique bunting or lighting. There is certainly something cosy, peaceful, and romantic about a garden kitchen surrounded by a leafy enclosure; emblematic of bringing the outside in.

Perhaps you like the idea of ornately patterned tiles dressing the cooking area, plump cushions and thick throws resting on the furniture, or a charming herbal garden outlining the dining area, the options are limitless. For more garden kitchen ideas, visit our dedicated page exhibiting our inspiring Cabinex, Vlaze, Ofyr, and ‘The Bastard’ designs.

Do outdoor kitchens add value to your home?

Data analytics concerning the property market reports a staggeringly successful return on investment figure of between 100% and 200% for homes with an outdoor kitchen. Asides from the additional living space and impressive spectacle an outdoor kitchen affords, these spaces have been notably growing in popularity in the UK.

This is a fairly recent development in the home improvement industry compared to the US and Australian markets where garden kitchens have been fashionable for some time. Initial reluctance may be allocated to the reputation of British weather and the belief that outdoor kitchens are only suitable for warmer climates.

Thanks to innovative work within home improvement construction, this is certainly no longer the case. Bespoke outdoor kitchens continue to have that wow factor whilst also, conveniently, soaring in market demand in recent years with no sign of slowing down.

Get your dream outdoor kitchen with The OI

Luxury garden culinary spaces have so much to offer. By maximising the usage and appeal of the outdoors, you can enrich your family’s home life in so many ways. It pushes parents and kids to spend more time in nature together, improving health and well-being, strengthening relationships, reducing stress, and even providing a unique environment for youngsters to learn. They will encounter new wildlife, escape the shackles of tech, and develop a broader sense of creativity and curiosity.

We here at The OI specialise in consulting, designing, and manufacturing luxury garden improvements. From simple shading solutions to complex garden studios, we cover all possible preferences when planning your backdoor transformation.

Our highly skilled professional team promises only the best quality of service, with a final result that will be built to last decades, so you and your family can enjoy the prosperous benefits of outdoor living and dining all year round for an age to come. Contact us today to revolutionise your property and bring the outside inside.