Do Garden Rooms Add Value To A House?

An accumulation of recent trends and events have led to garden rooms being more popular than ever. A major of these including millions being confined to their homes and backyards throughout lockdown. But the financial turmoil following the pandemic and, more recently, Liz Truss’ infamous mini-budget have sent its own shock waves through the housing market.

For decades now, owning a desirable property has been the key to personal enrichment. Following the steep decline in social housing and seemingly limitless acceleration of market prices, it is assumed that your home is your family’s greatest asset. It is the wealth and security that you pass down to your children, or perhaps the passive rental income that supplements your pension in old age.

But now, nervousness is growing amongst professionals in the housing industry. The continuous waves of political and financial uncertainty that have hit the UK have led economists to predict an inevitable UK house price crash, already evident in the panic of the mortgage crisis of recent.

To protect yourself from the cruel throws of market fluctuation, you will undoubtedly be interested in ways to increase the value of your home. A garden room is in fact a clever way to go about this. There’s lots of attractive features and possibilities in a garden room that can drive up the overall worth of your home. Of course, there are dependable factors and an exact surplus figure is difficult to estimate, however, property experts assert that a high quality garden room can certainly generate an additional 5-15% value of your home.

Floor Space

How much value a garden room can add to your home is most stark when considering the increased floor space it grants you. It embellishes the size of your home that is more affordable, less intrusive, and less timely than a standard house extension. That overall square foot figure that agent can really sell will work wonders in drawing in potential buyers.

This floor space is also incredibly versatile, with endless potential only a few of which this article explores.

A Stand Out Feature

It is useful to recognise that the housing market boom is a relatively recent phenomenon. Throughout much of the 20th century prices hovered around four to six times the average income, but by the 1990s they had sky-rocketed. Today, London sees the most severe example of this, where property prices are averaged at 13 times the typical annual income.

This puts into perspective the earning potential on your home despite the threat of an upcoming crash, but also the scale of competition in the market. It’s certainly a high-stakes transaction on behalf of the buyer where they will be investing huge sums of money into a fluctuating market. Hence, there really is the need to impress.

A quality, sleek garden room will bring that unique ‘wow factor’ to your property. It’s an additional enticement that may encourage a faster sale. It’s an interesting additional space and can make even the most simple garden look remarkable, elevating the whole space.

Alternatively, a well landscape garden is in itself a tremendous way to add value to your property. If you Have perhaps spent a lot of time, pride, and effort into curating your outdoor space, a garden studio is a great way to show it off. It can act as a brilliant viewing spot to draw more attention to your outdoor space. You will be able to appreciate your garden beyond the handful of sunny days that most people typically spend in theirs.

Home Office for Professionals

One of the best ways to increase the value of your house is to install a home office. It appeals massively to small business owners and members of the professional workforce who need the dedicated space. Garden studios are increasingly used for this purpose, and having one to offer often means saving a buyer from having to have one built themselves.

By situating your home office in a garden studio, you aren’t sacrificing space in the house that would undoubtedly be more valuable as a bedroom. This is great news for retailers who love to embellish that all important bedroom count as much as possible.

A garden room home office can be meticulously curated by you, who, at The Outside-Inside, are invited to be part of every stage of the design process. It can be modern and stylish housing everything you need to stay productive. It will only make your property all the more attractive as we head towards a wide scale hybrid and work from home culture.

A garden home office also provides that mental and physical separation between work and home. This has proven to ensure healthy practices and meaningful downtime away from work.

Multipurpose Family Space

Offering a luxury garden room can be a relief for growing families eager for as much space as possible. Because it can be such a flexible area, a garden room can transform into a playroom, an annex for extended family members, a cinema room, a quiet retreat for parents, and much more.

As long as your garden room is sourced from a reliable supplier, its structure will be warm, dry, secure and durable. The Outside-Inside craft their garden rooms with high quality timber and thermally efficient windows and doors that mean a family can safely enjoy their new space.

Home Gym

Converting your garden room into a home gym is another option retailers will be eager to boast of. With enough space to house all of your workout equipment and the desired privacy to exercise in, this will certainly entice enthusiasts and encourage them to see the full potential of your property. It is an idyllic place for any kind of hobbyist, and putting on a good display will help them envision their own possible sanctuary where they can do what they love.

The Outside-Inside

Here at The Outside-Inside, we produce high quality outdoor rooms and shading with the intention that these products have longevity, meet your desired purpose and compliment the rest of your property. Our garden rooms have all the benefits of a traditional extension without the hassle.

Ultimately, a garden room is a fabulous investment and great value for money as something that truly sells itself.

To see our exemplary garden studios in the flesh, visit our bespoke showroom on display in Solihull, Birmingham. Spanning across a 3,000 square foot enclosure, you can browse at your leisure and converse with professionals there to advise you on your dream garden room.