5 reasons you should consider a pergola

In the wake of the new era of working-from-home, homeowners are paying greater attention to their gardens. And many are discovering the dizzying potential of luxury outdoor living solutions such as the beloved pergola.

These unique structures satisfy that sweet spot balancing protective shading and admission of sunlight. But there is much more to love about garden pergolas. Here are our top five reasons you should invest in a premium pergola, and turn your garden into a haven.

Expand your living space

The immediate joy of your new garden pergola is its promise of additional, shaded space for relaxation. Unwinding amongst nature and under the sun is a kind of bliss unrivalled by indoor living space. The warm summer months will see such a garden oasis transformed into your own personal slice of paradise.

Outdoor furniture, cushions, soft lighting, music speakers, and ample blankets can be added to further indulge in luxury and comfort well into the evening. And pergolas with retractable roofs ensure that you won’t have to compromise on your outdoor retreat during the winter.

Pergolas encourage families to treasure quality time together away from the all too familiar trance of digital screens. Little ones enjoy discovering plants and wildlife and outdoor play that enriches the mind and body. Parents too can take the time to truly disconnect from the daily pressures of work and recuperate in the peaceful scene of a garden pergola.

A stage for entertaining

An outdoor pergola also acts as an impressive focal point for entertaining friends and family. Whether you plan to treat a party of guests to the splendour of alfresco dining or share a quiet glass of wine with an intimate group of close friends, a luxury pergola offers a beautiful, private, inviting space to make your visitors feel at home.

Unsurprisingly, pergolas for gardens are often spotted in the opulent backyards of celebrities, but it doesn’t have to be this way. Perfect for retreating from the press, pergolas also offer the grand spectacle, year-round versatility, and tranquil solitude that make them a staple in luxury outdoor entertaining.

But an understated perk of a dedicated outdoor entertainment space perhaps more relevant to everyday family life is the easy clean-up. This is great news for those of you taking on the brave host position to children’s birthday parties, where all the mess and inevitable spillages are kept safely outside the house.

A serene garden extension

Pergolas are great solutions to combine with other garden structures you might have or be interested in. Garden rooms and studios are the ultimate examples of premium outdoor living.

Often utilised as garden gym rooms, garden office rooms, and much more, we’re not afraid to get creative with these bespoke structures. An accompanying pergola framing a garden studio is a beautiful blend of the indoors and outdoors. Some pergolas are incorporated as sheltered walkways leading to a garden room in the refined style of historic Roman courtyards. They add an additional touch of elegance and help create a harmonious look throughout your garden

A picturesque home for your plants

Wooden pergolas are quintessential anchors for a variety of plants, like climbing ivy, grape vines, and other flamboyant floral displays.

They surely look radiant interwoven along a pergola’s lateral pillars and overhead roofing, creating a gorgeous airborne garden.

Embracing your pergola with a delicate division of plants is in the true spirit of outdoor living that combines the indoors with the natural world. Practically speaking, they also provide further protection from the sun and rain so you can keep enjoying your backyard space despite the elements.

Add value to your home

They say education and property are the most important long-term investments you can acquire, and upstaging the allure and capacity of your garden certainly goes a long way in improving the latter.

Luxury outdoor structures such as pergolas, garden rooms, and outdoor kitchens can explode the value of your home. Pergolas, in particular, are widely desirable with some experts estimating a return on investment resting somewhere between 50% to 80%.

Luxury pergolas with The-Oi

As leading practitioners in luxury outdoor living, we at The-Oi are expert curators of garden finery. With nothing but our imaginations limiting our designs, customisation options extend to handsome wood, aluminium, glass pergolas, and more.

Between retractable roofs, sliding roofs, and louvred roofs, our conceptions promise a waterproof pergola that balances beauty and function so you can revel in your garden sanctuary for decades to come. So contact us today to discover the ideal garden living solution awaiting your home.